Our goals

  • To have great customer service
  • To have low prices
  • To keep making designs for people

Why we started up

Blue Storm Apparel was founded with the intention of providing great designs on quality clothing at affordable prices. We not only pride ourselves on meeting these objectives but also by going beyond and focusing on great customer care. Our brand is everything to us and we want you to enjoy it as much as we do. We really want to improve in any way that we can and we always welcome feedback and opinions from our customers.

When you order from us you’re not only buying a t-shirt, but joining a growing community of people who love great designs at low prices. We hope to continually grow our product range over time and offer even more amazing value products to our loyal customers.

If you have any problems at all or any questions, please get in touch and we’ll be more than happy to help you.

Why Should you Buy from us?

Firstly, we’re a small team and building a great brand with an amazing customer experience is our main goal. Because of this, you’ll receive a great level of service compared to much bigger brands as you’re our priority. We also ensure that our clothing is top notch and quality never slides.

Hopefully the great pricing of our clothing speaks for itself and sets us apart from our competitors. Our site is also secure and all payment details are handled externally by Stripe (a payment gateway that seems to be becoming more popular than PayPal), but we also accept PayPal payments as we’re aware some people prefer to use the better known Payment gateway.

Your payment details are not stored by us for added peace of mind and the smaller details that are stored such as your address are stored securely and in full compliance of the Data Protection Act and we’ll also be compliant with the upcoming GDPR changes when they’re brought into effect.

So if you see something you like on the site, buy from us with confidence. If you don’t, let us know what you are looking for and maybe we can add it to the shop!